Working Capital.
Working for Everyone.

C2FO’s secure online platform enables companies to work with their suppliers and customers to improve cash flow by determining the best time and terms for paying or getting paid.

Convenient, cost-effective access to the working capital you need to thrive


Get paid sooner when you need working capital – or pay at the right time to optimize your cash position.


Strengthen your balance sheet – or strengthen your supply chain.

We’re 100% committed to ensuring that working capital works for you … and for everyone.

On any given day, vendors from around the world have $43 trillion tied up in accounts receivable. They wait an average of 60 days to be paid and have limited, inefficient financing options. Meanwhile, enterprises are maintaining record levels of cash on their balance sheets — cash that just sits there, earning record low returns. C2FO is using technology to build a brighter future where enterprise cash works harder — for the enterprise, its vendors, and the world’s economy.
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We were able to use C2FO not just as a cash flow tool but also as a negotiating tool with our other finance providers. It’s had an incredible impact on our cash flow.

— Jack Leal,  CFO, Petrochem Field Services

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How The Lemon Ad Stand Found Sweet Relief Through C2FO

The Chicago-based creative agency landed its biggest client but faced 90-day payment terms. Fortunately, early payment through C2FO helped The Lemon Ad Stand get through a tight squeeze.